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Black M-Desk F3 4 Port USB3 Hub & Monitor Stand,
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Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive 7 Gram Kit

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da Vinci Color 3D Printer,
CMYK Ink 4pk da Vinci Color,
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01.Euro EU to Australia 2-Pin Power Plug Adapter
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Product information

da Vinci 3D Pen Cool

da Vinci 3D Pen Cool The da Vinci 3D Pen Cool is a safe and portable 3D pen designed for children. With a low extruding temperature your children can draw in 3D safely.
The da Vinci 3D Pen Cool's lightweight design and Micro USB charging cable lets your children draw easily, just like a normal pencil. Keep your kids entertained on the move by connecting the 3D Pen Cool to a power bank and draw in 3D anywhere.
The da Vinci 3D Pen Cool has lots of safety features specifically designed for children 6 years and above. It uses non-toxic filament (PCL) that prints with low heat and leaves no mess.
Just like a coloring book but in 3D, the da Vinci 3D Pen Cool comes with a series of templates to help spark your imagination and get you started drawing in 3D.
For more advanced functionality the da Vinci 3D Pen Cool has two extrusion modes. If you're printing a large model, use the Auto-extrusion mode so you don't always have to keep your thumb on the button, or for more detailed models, use controlled mode and extrude filament whenever you press the button.
*Print Technology: FFF(Fused Filament Fabrication).
*Material Compatibility: PCL.
*Filament Size: 1.75mm.
*Nozzle Diameter: 1.2mm.
*Nozzle Temperature: 70C/158F.
*Power Requirements: 5V 2A (Micro USB cable is attached).
Would you like to know more? Check out the full product information page.
Model/SKU: 002-0404-XYZ-3N70KXAU00C
In Stock:  (Not Available)
Manufacturer: XYZprinting

Digital Lifestyle
        3D Printing

Added: Monday 24 September, 2018
Weight: 0.60 kg/s
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