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Audio TV DVD
Audio Electronic Devices->(23)
Audio TV DVD

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Audio Cables->(55),
Power Adaptors->(18),
Power Cables->(4),
Video Cables->(55)

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Computer Parts->(256),
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Mobile Computers->(3),
Black M-Desk F3 4 Port USB3 Hub & Monitor Stand,
Black Flat Cap With Logo,
Black 3XL Player Zipped Hoodie,
Black Large Player Zipped Hoodie,
Black Medium Player Zipped Hoodie,
Black Small Player Zipped Hoodie,
Black XL Player Zipped Hoodie,
Black 2XL Player T-Shirt,
Black 3XL Player T-Shirt,
Black Large Player T-Shirt,
Black Medium Player T-Shirt,
Black XL Player T-Shirt,
Momentum 43" 4K UHD 3480x2160 Monitor [436M6VBRAB/ ...,
Black Height Adjustable Sit & Stand Desk,
Height Adjustable Spring Desk Mount,
Monitor Mount Arm Desktop,
Single Monitor Mount Arm,
Adjustable Dual Monitor Vertical Mount,
Height Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount,
Large Load Gas Spring Bracket,
Dual Monitor Desk Mount,
Dual Monitor Arms,
Triple Monitor Height Adjustable Arm,
Wall Monitor Mount,
and more.

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Test & Measure->(11)

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Batteries & Chargers->(2),
Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive 7 Gram Kit

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3D & Virtual Reality->(103)

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da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3D Printer,
da Vinci Jr 1.0 3D Printer,
da Vinci Jr 1.0 Pro 3D Printer,
da Vinci Jr 1.0 3-in-1 3D Printer,
da Vinci Jr 1.0W 3D Printer,
da Vinci Jr 2.0 Mix 3D Printer,
da Vinci Color 3D Printer,
CMYK Ink 4pk da Vinci Color,
Yellow da Vinci Color Ink,
Magenta da Vinci Color Ink,
Cyan da Vinci Color Ink,
Black da Vinci Color Ink,
Filament For 3D Pen Cool,
Clear Red PLA Filament,
Clear Yellow PLA Filament,
Clear Blue PLA Filament,
Nature NFC Filament,
Clear Red NFC Filament,
Clear Yellow NFC Filament,
Clear Blue NFC Filament,
Neon Green NFC Filament,
Blue NFC Filament,
da Vinci Colour Filament

01.Euro EU to Australia 2-Pin Power Plug Adapter
02.AU to IEC 60320 C14 Power Plug Adapter
03.North America US 3-pin to Australia Power Adapter Plug
04.North America US to Australia Power Adapter Plug
05.Australia to North America US 3-pin Power Adapter Plug
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To change from a "One-time Guest Account" (with no login facilities) to a "Personal Account" with login facilities, click "Log In" and then click "Password forgotten ?".
Enter your email address and click continue.
BRAEWORKS AU will email you a new password allowing you to login. BRAEWORKS recommends you change this password when you login.

Please Note: When an account is changed from a one-tine guest account to a personal account, any existing orders from your one-time guest accounts and other information are moved to your personal account.

I have multiple accounts, how can merge them ?

This can be done by the BRAEWORKS administrator.
Please contact us by email.

Please Note: There are restrictions and checks required for merging accounts.

Personal Order Pickup ?

BRAEWORKS AU does not have a retail shop where customers can pickup their orders. The stock is warehoused at various locations around Australia and overseas. It is not possible for customers to pickup their order. Goods purchased from BRAEWORKS AU are processed through BRAEWORKS AU web site, and dispatched from the warehouse, by courier, to the delivery address given.

Can I have more payment and other extra options ?

BRAEWORKS has extra options and facilities for payment, shipping and large order discounts for business and company customers. The extra options are available to "Not for Profit", "Commercial" and "Industrial" organisations.
Application for an account with extra options are made to BRAEWORKS via email or in writing. See contact us for more contact details.

Please Note: Accounts with extra options are not available without a user name and password to access the account. The user name is allocated by BRAEWORKS. This is different to a personal account, which uses an email address and password to login.

What Happens When The Delivery Goes Wrong ?

Occasionally, order delivery goes wrong. This is nearly always caused by one of the following;-

  • Incorrect delivery address being given or the courier cannot find the delivery address (e.g. no signage). In most cases the customer alerts BRAEWORKS AU to an incorrect address and remedies are under taken as soon as possible. Or the courier returns the goods to the warehouse, the customer is notified and asked to provide another delivery address.
  • The courier cannot access the destination. There can be many reasons for this to happen. The most common problems are there is no where for the courier to stop and delivery the goods. Where the destination is not accessible, the goods are returned to the warehouse and the customer is asked for another delivery address.
  • There is no one at the delivery address to sign for the goods. In most cases the courier may leave a "missed delivery card" in the letter box, and/or telephone the delivery contact to make arrangements for delivery. If the courier still cannot deliver, the goods are returned to the warehouse, the customer is notified and asked to provide another delivery address.
  • Remote area delivery addresses may have other requirements (e.g. air freight only). This is not often an issue, but it is important to put any comments on the order, at the time of placing the order, that may help delivery. The comments, on the order, are passed onto the warehouse.

BRAEWORKS AU tracks orders through to delivery. Often we will find the problem before the goods get to the courier. If so, the customer may be asked to clarify the delivery address.

If the delivery ultimately fails, the goods are returned to the warehouse and the customer is provided with a refund, subject to Terms and Conditions and Shipping requirements.

Please Note: Post office boxes are the best way to obtain easy delivery of goods. Most post offices have "larger than P.O. box" facilities by placing a collection card in the P.O. box. This way, you don't have to "wait around" for a busy courier. Check with your P.O. box provider.

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F4-2666 16Gb Single Channel Ripjaws SODIMM
F4-2666 16Gb Single Channel Ripjaws SODIMM

Feel the boost in speed with G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR4 SO-DIMM! Designed for the
latest generation of 6th Gen Intel Core processors, this memory kit is the
ideal system upgrade and provides faster data transfer and higher energy
efficiency than ever. Additionally, the automatic overclocking feature
delivers instant performance boost without any manual adjustments to BIOS
settings. Experience a new standard of speed with Ripjaws DDR4 SO-DIMM
* Manufacturers part code:
* Manufacturers series: Ripjaws.
* System platform
type: Notebook.
* Memory type & speed: DDR4-2666 (PC4-21300).
Capacity: 16Gb (1x 16Gb).
* Memory pin configuration: 260pin.
Registered or Unbuffered: Unbuffered.
* Error checking: Non-ECC.
Warranty period: Limited lifetime.
F4-2666 16Gb Single Channel Ripjaws SODIMM
01.Euro EU to Australia 2-Pin Power Plug Adapter
02.AU to IEC 60320 C14 Power Plug Adapter
03.North America US 3-pin to Australia Power Adapter Plug
04.North America US to Australia Power Adapter Plug
05.Australia to North America US 3-pin Power Adapter Plug
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